Disability Support (DSPS)

Welcome to DSP&S

Welcome to DSP&S

Disability Support Programs & Services (DSP&S) provides equal educational opportunity for students with physical, psychological, or learning disabilities. Students with disabilities are encouraged to lead active and independent lives by participating in all college programs. Counseling, support services, and academic accommodations are provided to students who are eligible for the program.

Physical and Psychological Disabilities

Students with the following disabilities are eligible to receive support services and academic accommodations: hearing impaired and deaf, blind and low-vision, mobility impaired, psychologically disabled (a diagnosis from a psychiatrist), and other health problems that would require special assistance.

Learning Disabilities

Students of average or above average learning aptitude may have a specific learning disability which significantly impacts their educational progress.

The Cosumnes River College Learning Disabilities Program can provide support services and academic accommodations to students who have documentation of a specific learning disability from another school or professional. In addition, Diagnostic Assessment may be available for appropriately referred students who come to the DSP&S program for an orientation appointment.

Academic Accommodations

Accommodations are individually determined for students with disabilities, according to the functional limitations of the disability. Accommodations may include:

  • The use of equipment and materials such as a tape recorder, calculator, computer, taped text or spelling checker in the classroom and/or in meeting class assignments.
  • The use of personnel such as readers, interpreters, note takers (while attending classes), scribes, and mobility assistants.
  • Testing accommodations, which may include extension of time, quiet room, use of calculator, spelling checker, computer, alternative method of testing, or modification of the test response format.
  • Individualized tutoring when disability prevents successful use of existing college tutorial services.
  • Alternate media such as Braille, large print, audio, electronic text, captioned videos, accessible web sites and accessible distance education (on-line or televised) are available to students.
  • Adaptive computer technology is available to students (screen readers and screen enlargers).

If an academic accommodation is requested that is not listed above, the request will be forwarded by the DSP&S Coordinator to the Dean of Counseling/Student Services for consideration. The student has a right to appeal any decision regarding academic accommodations. See the DSP&S Coordinator for more information.

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