Course Applicability

Course Applicability

Where to Go for Help
Students can go to General Counseling to receive an evaluation of their enrollment if they believe the system has denied a course’s financial aid eligibility in error.  Please inform the front desk staff that you need a Course Applicability review and your classes will be reviewed with a counselor at the available possible time.

Course Applicability


Course Applicability

What is Course Applicability?
"Course Applicability" is a term that refers to the fact that students receiving Federal Financial Aid are only eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid for courses that are part of their degree or certificate program.

Course Applicability


Assistance is available!

Come to the Counseling Office to meet with a counselor

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

9:00 am - 2:00 pm 


  1. Once you have receive a message in eServices that your course(s) is not approved for financial aid, navigate to your Financial Aid Award Summary, and then click on “View Course Eligibility”.  
  2. View your list of classes to see which courses are eligible for financial aid and which are not.
  3. If one or more of your classes has been determined as ineligible but you believe that it is required for your program of study (major), then you can visit the General Counseling Office during open hours. A counselor will be available to review your classes as they relate to your major.
  4. If the counselor determines that the courses that were identified as not being financial aid eligible, are in fact eligible the counselor will complete an override request in order for the course(s) to be considered for financial aid. The results of the override will post to your eServices account the next business day.


How to view your Financial Aid Eligibility

eServices screenshot showing Course Applicability.
  1. Log into eServices.
  2. Click on the "View Financial Aid" link.
  3. On the Financial Aid page, click on the "View Course Eligibility" link.
Course eligibility.

All of the classes the student is enrolled in will be listed on the FA Class Eligibility page.

red ex. Classes that the FA Course Audit process determined were not eligible for financial aid will be marked with a red "X" icon.
green check. Classes that are FA eligible will be marked with a green checkmark.
Yellow exclamation. Classes that are partially eligible will be marked by a yellow warning sign. Example: student is enrolled in 2-units of a remedial lab course, but only has 1-unit remaining of fundable remedial coursework, FA will fund for 1-unit.
yellow question mark. Classes that have not been run through the FA Course Audit process will be marked by a yellow question mark icon. The next business day the class should be classified as one of three categories listed above.