Professional Development

PD Forms & Guidelines

PD Forms & Guidelines

CRC Colleagues - The PD Committee welcomes Individual or Group Proposals.  The new Universal Funding Form will be used to request funding to support Professional Development activities.  All permanent employees (administrators, classified staff and faculty) are eligible. Adjunct faculty and temporary classified proposals are reviewed on a case by case basis.  The forms to apply are below.  Please note that:

  • The maximum allocation provided by the PD committee for an individual proposal is $500.  This amount may be augmented by your administrator or by VTEA or LRCEA funding (when appropriate).  We will route eligible proposals for VTEA and LRCEA funding - but you will need to work with your administrator to identify additional support for your proposal.
  • The PD Committee may provide an extra $150 stipend if you are conducting a workshop at a conference.
  • Unless there are compelling reasons, the maximum allocation provided by the Professional Development Committee for multiple attendees at the same event/conference is $1500. 
  • If more than three persons from the institution are applying to go to an event, the PD committee will ask you and your administrator(s) for more information in order to determine whether, and by how much, the committee will exceed the $1500 limit for the event.
  • By signing, the applicant agrees that the activities funded by these funds will NOT be used for salary advancement.
  • All proposals for Professional Development funding must be submitted before the event to be considered.
    • For non-travel proposals, please submit two weeks in advance.
    • For travel proposals in-state, please submit two weeks in advance.
    • For travel proposals out-of-state, please submit proposal four weeks in advance.
    • If you wish for any of your expenses to be prepaid, please submit proposal four weeks in advance.
  • Submit proposals to Andrea Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, with a copy to the Dean of the Division.


Tri-Chair Administrator, Dean for CASSL and Institutional Effectiveness


Universal Funding Form

Save this fillable PDF form to your computer before filling out. This form is for Employee and Group PD request

file icon.UniversalFormCRC_2018.pdf


PD Funding Request Evaluation Rubric - the form the committee uses to evaluate proposals

Travel Evaluation Form

Group Travel Evaluation Form