Professional Development

OneBook Guidelines

OneBook Guidelines


Professional Development Committee

OneBook Process Guidelines—Approved: 5/11/18


1.        At the first spring semester meeting of the Professional Development Committee the OneBook Workgroup for the     following academic year shall be identified.

2.        OneBook Workgroup Membership: The workgroup shall consist of 3 or 5 members. Membership shall include the Faculty Chair of Professional Development, committee members in good standing, and a librarian (if available).

3.        A campus-wide “Call for OneBook Recommendations” shall be sent out, via email, before the end of March.

4.        Upon close of the campus-wide “Call for OneBook Recommendations,” the OneBook Workgroup shall review all recommendations, and select 2-5 options, based upon the following criteria:

  • Cross-disciplinary appeal

  • Social significance related to current events

  • Quality of text, accessibility of prose, and literary appeal, to CRC students, staff, and faculty

  • Complementary nature, and collaborative opportunity, with corresponding spring semester cultural, and other, campus-wide events (e.g. Teaching Circles, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Earth Week, and other events identified as “on-going campus events”)

  • Potential of integration OneBook programming with current campus funding streams (i.e. possible links between book author honorarium and categorical funding opportunities related to the corresponding academic school year).

6.        If the OneBook Workgroup does not reach consensus, a vote by the PD Committee shall determine the OneBook selection in question.

7.        Once the OneBook Workgroup identifies 2-5 options, report is made to the Professional Development Committee and a subsequent OneBook: Vote! is sent out campus-wide.

8.        OneBook selection, and related campus-wide announcement, should occur no later than May 1.