Faculty and Staff Resource Guide

Faculty and Staff Resource Guide

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Cosumnes River College Faculty and Staff Resource Guide! This guide was developed in 2007-08 by a team of Academic Senate appointed faculty members (Kale Braden, Michelle Barkley, Balbina Chaderjian, Lily Kun, Ruth Oxman, and Debra Welkley) and classified staff members (Maricela Arevalo, Chou Chasengnou, Christina Ocrant, Neal Quigley, and Aselia Valadez) working with Judy Beachler and Nancy Edmonson in the Instruction Office. It is intended to provide easy access to guidelines, policies, processes and procedures. Through its contents, you will be guided to information about college life for all employees, from where to pick up your payroll stub, to College and District policies, to accessing your e-mail from home, and much more!

Now that we have moved to a Web-based Faculty and Staff Resource Guide, information will be updated on an ongoing basis. We hope that you will find useful information here. If there's something missing, please contact the Instruction Office, located in the College Center, Room 170, either by phone (916-691-7329) or by completing the 'Need Help' form on this Website.

As you navigate the myriad of useful resources provided here, please keep in mind our commonly held mission, vision and values as you interpret what you find, always keeping in mind our goal to inspire academic excellence, personal growth, empathy, equity and civic responsibility in our students. Links to the Mission Statement and other important overarching information are below.

With Warm Regards,

Dr. Edward Bush
College President

Shannon Mills
Academic Senate President

Jennifer Patrick
Classified Senate President


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Updates to This Guide:
The Faculty Staff Resource Guide will be updated every spring, shortly after the College Catalog is revised. Exceptions to this annual update schedule will be made if new or revised State or District requirements warrant an immediate update.