Institutional Effectiveness

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Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) operates under the general direction of the college president in matters relating to overall planning, research, professional development, and grant development needs for Cosumnes River College. IE manages and supports the strategic and annual planning processes; institutional research in support of planning, reporting, assessment (including assessment of learning outcomes), and other institutional requirements; external and specified internal reporting on institutional performance.

One of the core services of the IE office is to provide research support for evidence-based decision making, planning, and program evaluation. The IE core research responsibilities are prioritized in accordance with the following hierarchy:

  • Mandatory reporting (state and federal) and accreditation
  • Strategic support for planning: development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Cyclical program evaluations, annual reports, and surveys
  • Internal Ad Hoc requests unrelated to the responsibilities above
  • External Ad Hoc requests that have been approved by the IE office

Requests for research and data will be prioritized on the basis of the aforementioned hierarchy of responsibilities.