Graphic Design

Graphic Design

The Cosumnes River College Graphic Design Department provides creative design services to our constituents. Within the visual identity of the College, we can help you bring out that message, or frame your publication or event, with a custom design based upon your needs. We offer a professional and quality in-house design service in order to be responsive to your requests and understand your desired result. And most of all, we hope to create an end-product that you and your program are proud of.

Alexandra is our Graphic Designer, and brings many years of professional design experience to the department. She can help you form a concept and realize your vision. She can also advise on the optimal format and printing processes to best meet your needs. In addition, she works closely with our PIO to maintain the overall professional and consistent look-and-feel of CRC while adding flair and excitement to your piece.

Please bookmark this page, as we will be updating it with examples of our work and information about our graphic design services and how to avail of them.

Request Graphic Design Services

This form defines the parameters of your project and helps you to get specific on what is required. It sets a timeline in place for the design, review and proofing processes your project must go through, the review by our PIO and release to the printer. That way both you, and those working diligently on this for you, are all in agreement on what will happen and when. It also catches all of those small but important details that are so often missed and that can easily jeopardize a project, such as budget, sign-off, review, collateral materials, etc.

The following diagram will help illustrate the steps and flow in the development of a design.
Project Steps & Flow Chart (Adobe PDF, 152 KB)

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.