Emeriti Association

Emeriti Association

Emeriti Group 2019

Who we are:

  • Retired and former CRC staff, faculty and administrators
  • Formally established in February 2011

What we do:

  • Meet two times per year (Spring and Fall) for lunch, conversation, information and presentations from CRC staff and students
  • Provide and promote CRC Emeriti scholarships
  • Represent all emeriti at the CRC Foundation, Gala, Convocation, Graduation and other ceremonies
  • Keep informed as to what is happening at CRC, in the District as well as with current and past faculty and staff
  • Attend college events, professional development workshops, performances and other activities

Benefits paid members receive:

  • A continuing Los Rios email address
  • A CRCEA membership card
  • Free parking
  • CRC business cards
  • An opportunity to participate in CRC events

More benefits information on the "How to Become a Member" page