Information Technology

How To's

How To's

1. Create a desktop shortcut: Right click on the object (Program App, Directory, file, Web page, etc), select Send To, and Desktop Create Shortcut, or if available Create Shortcut.

2. Map a network Drive in Win7.  Connect to U: drive on MACs.

3. Instructions for connecting to the CRC Wireless Network.

4. Access my U: (network) drive: Go to Start, My Computer, Look for U:\ drive indication in Network Drives.

5. Outlook 2013 training courses, videos and tutorials.

6. Manage my Outlook mailbox size, Archive older items automatically, AutoArchive settings explained.

7. Give permission for others to access my Outlook Inbox (Folders).

8. Open a shared Outlook mailbox.

9.  Share an Outlook 2016 Calendar.  View a shared Outlook 2016 calendar.

10. How to add an additional mailbox to outlook 2013 profile.

11. Create an e-mail Distribution Group/Contact Group.

12. Create a rule to delete spam e-mail by subject.

13. Change my network password on my PC: If logged on, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and choose the Change Password button, and follow directions, otherwise use Web Password Reset.

14. Reset my MAC Keychain Access after changing my LRCCD password.

15. Go Print facts sheet.

16.  Adjunct unified messaging voice mail flow chart.

17. Change your current voice mail forwarding for UM.

18. Microsoft Lync 2013 Beginner tutorials:  Set up; Presense, IM, and Contacts; Make Audio and Video Calls.

19. Microsoft Lync 2013 Intermediate tutorials: Making the switch; Schedule, Join, and Conduct Lync Meetings.

20. District information on FAX services.