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Student Contact Athletic Form

Student Contact Athletic Form

In accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Commission on Athletics (COA) in California, if you are out-of-district, you (the student) must establish "First Contact" with Cosumnes River College Athletics.

Please take a few minutes to complete the form below. The information you provide will be referred to the appropriate coaching staff, enabling the coaching staff to respond to you.

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I hereby certify that I made first contact with Cosumnes River College and that I am requesting information from this college without prior contact by members of the staff or persons representing the college. I also certify that the person named below is also the person filling out this form and submitting it.

Please provide the following contact information:
Please identify and describe yourself
High School Information

Out-Of-State Athletes must read and agree to the following:

California Community College Recruiting and Subsidation Guidelines:

  • All contact with a California Community College must be initiated by the student-athlete, parent, or guardian. Any other form of contact from members of the community college coaching staff or their agents is prohibited.
  • Colleges cannot provide financial assistance or scholarships, locate housing or provide jobs other than those opportunities available to the general student population.

Financial Responsibilities and Guidelines:

  • Out of state student-athletes must pay non-resident enrollment fees until California residency is established. To establish residency, a student-athlete must continuously reside in California for one calendar year. There are also other expectations associated with this process. Contact Admissions and Records for more information on residency.
  • Student-athletes may qualify for financial aid, but there is no guarantee that you will qualify.
  • If a student-athlete does qualify, financial aid does not generally cover all expenses associated with tuition, fees, and living expenses. You should plan to have other financial resources available upon arrival.
  • A general estimate of costs is below:
General Estimated Costs per semester:
Tuition: $2,592.00 (12 units @ $216.00* per unit) + $26.00 enrollment fee
*Fees and tuition are subject to change. International student fees are higher.
Books: $500.00
Housing: $3,500 (shared apartment)
Food: $1,600.00
Transportation:  $400.00
Miscellaneous: $500.00
TOTAL: $9092.00 (Two semesters = $18,184.00)

As a prospective student-athlete, I understand that it is a violation of the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) Constitution and Bylaws (Bylaw 2) to accept any form of financial assistance, favors or gifts, to meet any part of my college expenses other than those available to the general student population. Any commitment by the college to provide gifts, cash, housing, transportation, or other financial assistance not afforded to the general student would be a violation of the CCCAA Constitution and I may be declared ineligible for athletic competition. Clicking "I Agree" below, certifies that I have read this document and fully understand the information contained in this document.