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"The Place Where Leaders Flourish"

The Student Life and Leadership Center (SLLC, pronounced "slick") provides a variety of opportunities to make Friends, participate in college activities and develop leadership skills. SLLC is your connection to student clubs, the Associated Students of CRC Senate and the Clubs and Events Board. SLLC offers leadership courses whose units are transferable to any California Student University (CSU).

Experience Student L.I.F.E. through activities that enhance your college experience.

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Technology Building, room T-108
Call us at 916.691.7315


We are open:

 Monday - Friday  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Open hours may vary during winter and spring break; summer session and holidays.

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Vision Statement

The Student Life and Leadership Center provides an inclusive, experiential learning environment and creates dynamic opportunities for the intellectual growth of students and our community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Life and Leadership Center is to provide the setting to allow personal and organizational growth, development of leader skills, preparation for civic responsibility and exploration of cultures.

The mission is supported through four pillars:

  • Student Leadership: Experiences through the Associated Students of CRC,  which is the student government that provides opportunities through the Student Senate and the Clubs and Events Board; and Officers of campus Clubs/Organizations
  • Student Life Services: Authorize and serve student clubs/organizations; provide information on Health & Dental Insurance,  available Housing; Food Pantry; and Bus Schedules
  • Campus Activities: Support student involvement in multicultural events, co-curricular activities and participatory governance committees
  • Community Service: Provide volunteer opportunities to student clubs/organizations to help community agencies and post community related advertisements.

​​Student Learning Outcomes

Students involved in leadership, campus activities and community service will be able to:

  • Demonstrate leadership and engagement in student activities and learning opportunities on and off campus beyond class requirements
  • Actively seek out the information and resources needed to develop academically, personally, and socially
  • Participate in the larger community beyond campus in a positive manner demonstrating an understanding of personal and social responsibility in the larger context
  • Demonstrate the intellectual skills, values, cultural proficiency, and attitudes that will make them effective learners and citizens
  • Demonstrate the skills to work effectively, respond appropriately, and be sensitive to issues that arise in a diverse environment