Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces

The CRC campus community is committed to creating a safe, open, and bias-free learning and working environment for everyone. The Safe Spaces Program is one way we are achieving this goal through public awareness campaigns, staff training opportunities, and student participation. We have developed the following mission statement, logo, and pledge to raise awareness and support of our efforts:

Cosumnes River College is an inclusive campus where students and staff respect the views of others. We strive to keep our campus community free of bias, discrimination, and intolerance. Safe Spaces on campus are where anyone who feels threatened or otherwise unsafe can seek assistance and support regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religious affiliation, citizenship or immigration status, veteran's status, or political views. The Safe Spaces program works in conjunction with our police services, administration, and counseling center as an additional resource for individuals to discuss, and act upon, situations of intolerance and bias. Safe Spaces on campus are academic division/area offices, the Counseling Center, and individual staff and faculty offices displaying this sticker.

CRC Safe Spaces Pledge

As a member of the CRC community I pledge to uphold the safe spaces mission of our college which means:
- To promote a positive learning environment free of bias, discrimination, and intolerance by my own words and actions
- To act upon instances of bias, discrimination, or intolerance I have witnessed or experienced
- To recognize the free speech rights of others, even if they are offensive to me
- To engage in civil and informed dialogue with those who may have views different from my own
- To educate myself and others on the struggles and injustices afflicting various groups as a way to create empathy and understanding
- To support the CRC Safe Spaces Program by attending campus events and taking this pledge

Cosumnes River College safe space.

Where are safe spaces on campus? Click here for locations.