Student Forms

Student Forms

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file icon.AB_540_Form_2-9-18.pdf

This provides for the exemption of non-resident tuition for many eligible students until residency is either established or re-established.

Academic Renewal without Course Repetition

Use this form to request that substandard grades (D, F, NC, or NP) not be calculated
in your grade point average or progress percentage at CRC.  See form or College
Catalog for eligibility requirements.

Certificate Petition

Use this form to petition to receive your Certificate.

Enrollment Request Form

Use this form to add or drop classes at the Admissions and Records Office.

Graduation Petition (AA and AS Degree)

Use this form to petition to receive your AA and/or AS degree.


Pass - No Pass Grading Option

  • Use this form to receive a grade of P instead of an A, B, or C.
  • Use this form to receive a grade of NP instead of a D or F.
  • The Admissions and Records Office must receive this form before the
    published deadline established for your class.

Petition for Readmission after Dismissal

  • Complete this form when you have been dismissed for unsatisfactory academic
    and/or progress performance.
  • Take this form when you meet with a counselor. Call (916)691-7316 for
    appointment information.
  • After a counselor has signed the petition, return it to the Admissions & Records
    Office. Depending on the severity of the academic and/or progress performance,
    a student may need to meet with the Dean of Counseling prior to submitting the
    petition to Admissions & Records.

file icon.Loss_of_Priority_Registration_and_Fee_Waiver_Appeal_2018_02_08.pdf

Used to appeal the loss of either priority registration or the BOG Fee Waiver. For more information, see the Admissions webpage "Loss of Priority Registration and Fee Waiver Eligibility".

Repeat Notification Form (Substandard Grades)

After you have repeated a course in which you previously earned a D, F, NC, or NP, use
this form to request that the substandard grade not be calculated in your grade point
average or progress percentage.

Request Transcripts from Other Colleges

Complete and send this form to another college to have your transcript sent to CRC.

file icon.ResidenceReclassificationPacket2019.pdf

Use this form to request that your status be changed to California resident for fee purposes.

Student Petition

Use this form to request an exception to College policies. Note: While students have the
right to submit this petition, the College may not be able to approve the request.

Time Conflict Approval Form

Use this form to request permission to enroll in a class that has some portion of its time
overlapping with another class.

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