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Our College

Our College

The following reports provide an overview of Cosumnes River College

External Reports

The following reports, from the State Chancellor's Office's "Accountability Report for the Community Colleges", report on various demographic and college success measures:

Based on the ARCC reports, CRC responded to the findings.

Each year the National Center for Educational Statistics publishes an annual report that summarizes demographic and outcomes data from the college.

College Publications

The College's Strategic Plan:

The following campus publications provide a quick reference to the college, its students and programs:

Annual Reports provide quantitative and qualitative data about the college's implementation of its strategic plan. These reports are available at

College and Program-level data used to support Program Review can be obtained using the Fall 2013 Program Review Data Packets link on the navigation bar to the left.

In 2014 CRC conducted research in support of the Student Equity Plan.  The focus of the research was to explore disproportionate impact in the areas of access, degree and certificate completion, transfer, course success, and progression from Basic Skills to college-level. 2014 Student Equity Plan Research Summary

In 2013-14 the college defined metrics for which the college would establish baseline and improvement benchmarks.  The college's first benchmark report was generated in Summer 2014 for inclusion into the 2013-14 Annual Report.  2014 Achievements Benchmark Data