Center for Instructional Innovation

Media Production

Media Production

A variety of video production technology is available through the CI². Here are just some examples of what can be produced. If you have a specific idea or concept for use of video within online courses please CRC-DE (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu (contact us). Completion time after recordings are to be determined after requests are received. Note that additional time will be required for any video in need of post-production editing or graphics. 

Course/Instructor Introductions

These videos introduce both the course and the instructor. This type of media is a great way to provide an overview of a course and add a personal touch by having the instructor present the content. 


Standard Background
This video features a basic
background that allows focus
to be on the instructor. Please
plan for additional time if
requesting post-production



Studio Lectures

These videos are complete lectures recorded in our center utilizing multiple inputs to record your lecture for deployment in your online course. Please plan for additional time if requesting post-production graphics.


Live Lecture Recording

This video features an instructor lecture utilizing
a director switching inputs between a camera,
presentation slides and a document camera.


Lightboard Presentations/Lectures

The Lightboard is a glass whiteboard illuminated with light. This allows the instructor to face the viewers of the content. The content written or drawn, with a special neon-like pen, on the board glows in front of you presenting image that is much brighter and more personable than a traditional whiteboard or chalkboard. The Light Board is only for recording video lectures and presentations. 



Educause Learning Initiative: 7 Things You Should Know About A Lightboard

Studio Interviews

Professional single and two person interviews canbe recorded in our center. Post-production titling and graphics can also be provided. Please plan for additional time if requesting post-production graphics.


Campus Events

Professional recording of a campus event. Event recordings can be up to three cameras, computer presentation and audio recorded and operated by a video professional. Campus event recordings MUST be scheduled at least one week prior to the event. Availability is limited.