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Other Transfer Admission Requirements

Catalog: Other Transfer Admission Requirements


Beginning in Spring 2011, Cosumnes River College began creating new associate degrees for transfer, following the criteria set forth by the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (Senate Bill 1440, now codified in California Education Code sections 66746-66749). This legislation guarantees admission to a California State University (CSU) campus for any community college student who completes an "associate degree for transfer", a newly established variation of the associate degrees traditionally offered at California community colleges. The Associate in Arts for Transfer (A.A.T.) or the Associate in Science for Transfer (A.S.T.) is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor's degree in a similar major at a CSU campus. Students completing the A.A.T. or A.S.T. are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not to a particular campus or major. In order to earn one of these degrees, students must complete 60 required semester units of CSU-transferable coursework. These 60 units must include the designated major and completion of either the CSU-GE Breadth or the IGETC requirement. Courses in the major must be completed with "C" grades or better, and the overall cumulative GPA must be not less than a 2.0. Students transferring to a CSU campus that does accept the A.A.T. or A.S.T. will be required to complete no more than 60 units after transfer to earn a bachelor's degree (unless the major is a designated "high-unit" major).

The Associate Degree for Transfer program is designed for students who plan to transfer to a campus of the California State University (CSU). Other than the required core, the courses a student chooses to complete this degree will depend to some extent on the selected CSU for transfer. In addition, some CSU-GE Breadth or IGETC requirements can also be completed using courses required for an associate degree for transfer major (known as "double-counting"). Meeting with a Counselor to determine the most appropriate course choices will facilitate efficient completion of transfer requirements.

The A.A.T. and A.S.T. degrees may not be the best option for students intending to transfer to a university or college that is not part of the CSU system. For students wishing to transfer to other universities (UC System, private, or out-of-state), they may not provide adequate preparation for upper-division transfer admissions; it is critical that a student meet with a CRC counselor to select and plan the courses for the major, as programs vary widely in terms of the required preparation.

CRC's A.A.T. and A.S.T. degrees that are currently under development will be published by the College's Office of Instruction in a special Transfer Degree Addendum to this Catalog, to be made available at the end of the Spring 2011 semester. As additional degrees for transfer are developed, they will be added to the CRC Catalog.


Transferable courses may or may not satisfy lower division major preparation, general education, and/or elective requirements. Please meet with a counselor for specific transfer course evaluation.

  1. Students who were eligible for admission to the university when they graduated from high school (meaning they satisfied the Subject Scholarship and Examination Requirements) are eligible to transfer if they have a "C" (2.0) average in transferable coursework.
  2. Students who met the Scholarship Requirement but not the Subject Requirement must take transferable college courses in the missing subjects earning a "C" or better in each required course, and have an overall "C" average in all transferable coursework to be eligible to transfer.
  3. Students who were not eligible for admission to to the University when they graduated from high school because they did not meet the Scholarship Requirement must::
    1. Complete 90 quarter units or 60 semester units of transferable college credit with a grade point average of at least 2.4, and;
    2. Complete the following courses pattern, earning a grade of "C" or better in each course:
      • two transferable college courses (3 semester or 4-5 quarter units) in English composition; and
      • one transferable college course (3 semester or 4-5 quarter units) in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning; and
      • four transferable college courses (3 semester or 4-5 quarter units each) chosen from at least two of the following subject areas: the arts and humanities, the social and behavioral sciences, the physical and biological sciences.
      • Students who satisfy the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum prior to transferring to UC will satisfy Option 3b above of the new transfer admission requirements. Students transferring to the University of California system should contact a counselor regarding certain course unit limitations.


California’s fully accredited independent colleges and universities provide a host of options at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels for students planning to continue their education beyond community college.

Students who transfer to independent colleges or universities will be given academic credit for most, if not all, of their community college studies. Virtually all institutions give full credit for general education courses and usually for other courses designated for transfer by the community college.

Some colleges and universities stipulate a certain number of completed units before considering students eligible for transfer. Others do not and will accept students at any time. The requirements are outlined in the respective college catalogs, available upon request from the college’s Admissions Office. Students are urged to contact their counselors for additional information.

Consult the CRC Articulation website for information about agreements between CRC and selected colleges/universities. Click on "University Articulation Agreements." Make sure you work with your counselor as you plan for transfer.