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Enrollment/Tuition Fee Schedule

Enrollment/Tuition Fee Schedule

NOTE: At the time of this publication, fees were set at the levels stated here, but are subject to change pending Legislative action. Students will be billed for and are required to pay any increase in fees.

Fees Amount Applies to Exemptions/Waivers Refund Policy
Enrollment fee $46 per unit All students Eligible apprentice, enrollees, BOG recipients, eligible veterans dependents Refundable only if units dropped within appropriate time period - see Calendar
Parking permit fee, automobile $40 for fall semester
$25 for summer term
All drivers Non-drivers; reduced fee for BOGW recipients** Refundable within appropriate time period- see Calendar
Parking permit fee, motorcycle $25 for fall semester
$15 for summer term
All drivers Non-drivers Refundable within appropriate time period- see Calendar
Daily parking fee $2 a day All drivers Parking permit holders None
Non-resident and International tuition $296 per unit total
($234 non-resident,
$16 capital outlay,
$46 enrollment)
Non-resident and International students Legal California and U.S. residents Refundable if units dropped within appropriate time period - see Calendar
International student application fee $50 per application Citizen and resident of foreign country Legal U.S. residents and permanent residents Non-refundable
UT Pass Fee - see All students website Summer: $10 (regardless of unit load)
Fall: $2.10/ unit when enrolled in more than 3 units, rounded to the next whole unit (minimum $8.40, maximum $31.50 for 15 units or more)
All students N/A Varies - see website
Student All students Representation Fee $1 per semester All students Refusal based on Moral, Religious, Political or Financial Grounds Non-Refundable

** Fall BOG recipients pay $30 for auto parking permit. No reduced rate for summer term.

Enrollment fee refund policy
See the refund deadline dates on page 3. There is no refund for courses dropped after the deadlines. Refund eligibility is determined by the date the course is officially dropped, either in person or by using eServices. Requests for refunds must be filed by the last day of instruction in the semester or term for which the fee was paid, or they will be disallowed. Credit balances will be forfeited and do not carry over to the next semester/term.

To be eligible for an enrollment fee refund, you must first drop a class using eServices or by completing a drop form at Admissions by the refund deadline AND completing a request for a refund at Business Services by the end of the semester/term.

* See "Important Payment Information" for additional information

Refunds may also be requested online at and click on "Fees & Payment"