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Catalog: General Information - Certificates

CRC offers a large number of Certificates of Achievement (A), which require 18 units or more, and a large number of Certificates of Proficiency (P), which require less than 18 units to complete. The Certificates of Proficiency have been developed with the assistance of business/industry advisory committees to provide career technical education (CTE) designed for quick training to prepare for jobs that do not require a more lengthy certificate or degree.

• Accounting (A)
• Accounting-Advanced (A)
• Accounting Clerk (A)
• Accounting, Certificate of Taxation (P)

• General Agriculture (P)

Agriculture Business (A)

Architectural Design Technology
• Building Information Modeling (BIM) (A)
• Interior Building Architecture (A)

• Architectural Technology (A)
• Green Buildings: Environmental Design, Energy Management and Performance Based Construction (P)

Automotive Mechanics Technology
• Automotive Brakes (P)
• Automotive Electrical Systems (P)
• Automotive Emission Control (P)
• Automotive Engine Performance (P)
• Automotive Engine Repair (P)
• Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning (P)
• Automotive Mechanics Technology (A)
• Small Engine Repair (P)
• Automotive Suspension & Steering (P)
• Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles (P)
• Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles (Ford ASSET)(P)
• Automotive Brakes (Ford ASSET)(P)
• Automotive Engine Performance (Ford ASSET)(P)
• Automotive Engine Performance (Ford ASSET)(P)
• Automotive Engine Repair (Ford ASSET)(P)
• Automotive Suspension and Steering (Ford ASSET)(P)
• Manual Drive Train and Axles (Ford ASSET)(P)

Building Inspection Technology
• Building Inspection Technology (A)
• Concrete Construction Inspection (P)
• Electrical Construction Inspection (P)
• H.V.A.C. Inspection (P)
• Masonry Construction Inspection (P)
• Plumbing Inspection (P)
• Soils & Asphalt Construction Inspection (P)
• Steel Construction Inspection (P)
• Wood Frame Construction Inspection (P)

• E-Business and the Internet (P)
• Office Assistant (A)
• Office Technician (A)
• Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship (A)
• Entrepreneurship (P)

Communication Studies
• Applied Communication Skills (P)

Computer Information Science
• Computer Programmer - SQL (A)
• Business Information Worker (P)
• Database Analyst - SQL (A)
• Database Design (P)
• Desktop Publishing (A)
• Information Systems Security (A)
• Linux System Administrator (P)
• Server Administrator (A)
• Network Helpdesk Technician (P)
• Object Oriented Software Development (P)
• Programming C/C++ (A)
• Relational Database Administration (A)
• Web Programming (A)
• Web Publishing (P)
• MIS - (see Management Information Systems)

• Construction (A)
• Construction Pre-Apprenticeship (P)

Construction Management Technology (A)

Culinary Arts Management
• Basic Culinary Services (P)
• Community Nutrition Specialist (P)
• Cooking and Supervision (A)
• School Foodservice Specialist (A)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (A)

Digital Media (A)

Early Childhood Education
• Associate Teacher (P)
• Early Childhood Education, Teacher (A)
• Home Early Care and Education (P)
• Infant Specialist (A)
• Master Teacher (A)
• School Age Child Care and Education (A)

Education (see Teaching)

Emergency Medical Technician (P)

English as a Second Language
• ESL Listening and Speaking for Academic and Workforce Preparation (P)
• ESL Listening and Speaking for College Success (P)
• ESL Reading for Academic and Workforce Preparation (P)
• ESL Reading for College Success (P)
• ESL Writing for Academic and Workforce Preparation (P)
• ESL Writing for College Success (P)

Fire Technology (A)

• Professional Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (A)

Health Records Information Technology
• Health Records IT Implementation Support Specialist (A)
• Health Records IT Technical Support Specialist (A)
• Health Records IT Trainer (A)

Health Information Technology
• Health Information Coding Specialist (A)

• Horticulture, Landscape Technology (A)
• Nursery Operations (A)
• Sustainable Irrigation and Water Management Technology (P)
• Plant Based Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture (P)

Human Services
• General (A)
• Chemical Dependency Studies (A)

• Retail Management (A)

Management Information Systems
• Application Expert (A)
• Application Master (A)
• Application Specialist (P)

Medical Assisting
• Medical Assisting (A)
• Medical Assisting - Administrative (A)
• Medical Insurance Billing (P)

Nutrition and Foods
• Community Nutrition (P)
• Plant Based Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture (P)

• Photography (P)
• Portraiture and Wedding Photography (A)
• Commercial & Studio Photography (A)
• Fine Art Photography (P)

Radio Production (P)

Real Estate
• Broker (A)
• Sales (P)

Television Production
• Television Production (P)

Veterinary Technology (A)

• Welding (A)
• Welding Code Specialist (P)
• Welding Fabricator Specialist (P)