Deaf Studies & American Sign Language Studies

Deaf Culture and American Sign Language Studies Program Description

Program Description

CRC offers courses in Deaf Studies designed to introduce students to Deaf Culture and American Sign Language Studies. Students learn basic skills to enable them to communicate with members of the deaf community. Moreover, students learn about deaf culture such as cultural behaviors and values.

NOTE: During the 2015-16 academic year, Cosumnes River began the migration of courses from the SILA designator to the DEAF designator. Credit can only be given for one course: 

Corresponding courses are: 

SILA 305 DEAF 310
SILA 306 DEAF 312
SILA 315 DEAF 314
SILA 316 DEAF 316
SILA 330 DEAF 351
SILA 332 DEAF 352
SILA 338 DEAF 353

There are also unit limitations for the following: 

SILA 495 DEAF 495
SILA 499 DEAF 499


Career Opportunities

  • ADA Specialist
  • Artistic Signing
  • Audiologist
  • Business
  • Educational Interpreter
  • Group Home Worker
  • Human Services
  • Worker Legal Aid
  • Linguist
  • Mass Media
  • Mental Counselor
  • Recreation
  • Religion Show/Theatre
  • Interpreting
  • Speech Therapy
  • Teacher
  • Teacher Aide
  • Telecommunication Operators
  • Video Remote Interpreting
  • Foundations in all areas of American Sign Language as Childcare Worker firsthand

Some Career Opportunities may require more than two years of college study.


  • Dedicated, well-trained instructors 
  • Practical tools provided for communication opportunities 
  • Highly interactive learning environment 
  • Develop relationship with deaf community 
  • A "hands-on" program providing a firm interaction and experience of deaf culture 

NOTE: Transferable courses may or may not satisfy lower division major preparation, general education, and/or elective requirements. Please meet with a counselor for specific transfer course evaluation. 

For information about the student learning outcomes for this program, see