Education Teaching

Education Teaching


AA-T Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer
A.A.―Liberal Studies for Elementary Education

Program Description

This major is designed for students who wish to be teachers in public and private elementary schools. Further education at the university level will be required to fulfill all requirements for a teaching credential authorizing service in California public schools.

Career Opportunities

  • Teacher, primary grades
  • Teacher, intermediate grades
  • Instructional/Teaching Assistant (Elementary/Secondary)

Classes beyond the associate degree may be required to fulfill some Career Opportunities or for preparation for transfer to a university program.


This major is especially designed for students who plan to transfer into California State University, Sacramento's Teacher Preparation Program. This program provides all of the lower division courses necessary to gain admission to the university and the Elementary Teacher Credential Program.

Other CSUS Requirements:

  • Foreign Language: For graduation from CSUS, students must fulfill the Foreign Language requirement. For other exemptions, see coordinator or a counselor.
  • Grade point average must be 2.67 in transferable baccalaureate courses.
  • The Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) should be taken at CSUS shortly after completing Critical Thinking (ENGWR 302).
  • The Intermediate Algebra Diagnostic exam should be taken shortly after completing Intermediate Algebra (MATH 125).
  • It is recommended that the CBEST be taken anytime after taking ENGWR 300, ENGWR 302, and MATH 310.
  • Students should accumulate a portfolio of their course work, obtain a letter of recommendation from their field experience cooperating teacher, and check with their counselor for other CSUS application and admission requirements.

Other Associate in Arts degree requirements:

  • Kinesiology - any activity course
  • Complete 60 units
  • Students must meet the Reading Competency requirement through either assessment, a class, or a college-level reading examination.

Note to Transfer Students:
If you are interested in transferring to a four-year college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in this major, it is critical that you meet with a CRC counselor to select and plan the courses for your major. Schools vary widely in terms of the required preparation. The courses that CRC requires for an associate’s degree in this major may be different from the requirements needed for the bachelor’s degree.

For information about the student learning outcomes for this program, see